The service spectrum of our tax specialty ranges from the assessment of tax risks to their elimination from tax planning to participation in enforcement procedures. We are outlining a variety of alternatives for the given life situation and choosing the solution with the lowest tax risk, taking into account our customers’ needs.

At HÍD Tax Advisory and Financial Consulting Co. Ltd., we believe that the complex challenges of the tax system can be efficiently responded to our complex services based on specialized knowledge. In our company, the specialization is also available within the tax division, besides the professional division of tax and excise, general legal counseling. The essence of our professional conception is that experts in each taxation are trained by an expert who knows the logical contexts and the mechanism of operation of the tax system in detail and who is at least 10 in the National Tax and Customs Administration and in his predecessor at the Tax and Financial Control Office has years of professional experience. With this concept, we can provide our customers with a wide range of prudent solutions that can be tailored to the requirements of external auditing.

The service spectrum of our field of taxation ranges from tax planning, tax assessment, elimination, and involvement in law enforcement procedures.

In the field of tax planning services, we undertake to define, optimize the tax-reclaiming “points” related to future legal transactions, to transform them – within the scope provided by the legal framework – to thoroughly address tax liaison points and to provide for a preliminary calming of tax problems. In this framework, we develop a variety of structures, from which we choose the smallest tax-related constructions with the needs of our clients.

Another key area of ​​our tax services is the effective management of enforcement situations. In our view, for successful enforcement, beyond the professional knowledge, the knowledge of the public administration and the way of thinking needs to be known by the employees of the HÍD Tax Advisory and Financial Consulting Co. Ltd. far beyond the average. Our colleagues began their professional career in the late 1990s and early 2000s in auditing, tax auditing and legal positions, which culminated in departmental, departmental and supervisory positions in career guidance.

The knowledge and experience gained during this period is one that can toss a given tax on the taxpayer’s side, whether it is about settling disputes related to a VAT deduction right, the interpretation of the judgments of the European Court of Justice, its applicability to a given legal transaction or a tax- reimbursement. The same applies to a corporate tax base on the question of determining the amount of tax payable, including when determining the settlement prices between affiliated companies, when establishing the “authority-commissioner” of the related transfer pricing records or setting up a tax-efficient structure appropriate to a future set of transactions.

Which firm does not want to be able to trust in the lawful application of the exemption / benefit (whether it applies to taxes, corporation tax, general sales tax, personal income tax, social security contributions, contributions, auxiliaries) for transactions that it has been taxed / discounted?

We also provide assistance to natural and legal persons in seeking their tax points. We initiate actions for shortcomings identified in our preventive audits, and we are working on proposals to mitigate and eliminate them.