In addition to traditional tax advisory activities (such as domestic tax planning, advice on direct and indirect taxation, advice on restructuring and reorganisation), we offer special services that efficiently help our customers to avoid obstacles and tax risks that may arise in tax administration proceedings, aligned to the activities of the tax authorities

Special services to make sure VAT reclaims are realised

Submission of VAT refunds draws the attention of the tax authorities, often in the form of a VAT audit. Our office undertakes to efficiently assist the realisation of the amount to be reimbursed within the deadline, which includes, in addition to full representation in the audit, the screening of documents before the audit.

Representation, participation in audit procedures

In our experience, by joining the early stages of the audit, we can significantly reduce the time spent by our clients in reaching a favourable tax authority decision. Our goal is for the companies we represent to have as little stress as possible relating to auditing procedures and for them to be able to concentrate on their business activities.

Preliminary tax audits, analyzation and mitigation of potential risks related to taxatio

Legislative changes in recent years have dramatically increased the level of audit sanctions, therefore in some cases, the sanctions burden will already exceed the amount of tax shortages and undue reimbursements. Our specialists contribute, by identifying danger points, to ensure that the majority of tax sanctions can be avoided and other risks minimised.

Transfer pricing documentation

The establishment of the settlement price between affiliated companies has become the focal point of audits of the authority over the last few years. Through the outstanding professional experience of our advisors, we provide our customers with confident and relevant support for the preparation of transfer pricing documentation, its revision and general advisory services on the application of arm’s length prices.

VRM services

Providing a quick, credible, written professional opinion beforehand for IC tax exempt and export sales, or in the case of domestic purchases, as well as for related taxation follow-ups in order to eliminate VAT risks.

International tax planning

Rapid globalization creates a challenging tax environment. Complex global operational and supply chain models that can provide companies with a competitive edge, further increasing the challenges of international taxation. In addition, tax authorities worldwide seek to extend their control over international structures and cross-border transactions. Taking these into account, we provide international tax optimisation strategies and advisory services in relation to international taxation, transfer pricing, global restructuring and cross-border mergers and acquisitions.

R&D consultancy

Based on existing legislation, tax benefits can be used in several ways in connection with R&D activities. Certain properly documented costs relating to R&D activities – not covered by subsidy – may be deducted by the taxpayer from the corporation tax, business tax, and also the innovation contribution funds. Accordingly, with appropriately supported R&D documentation, a corporate tax of 9 percent of these costs, 2 percent of local business tax and 0.3 percent of innovation contribution savings can be realised.

Experience has shown that exceptionally few taxpayers make use of the tax exemptions that are outstanding even on an international level. This is partly a consequence of the incomplete knowledge of the tax legislation and, in part, due to the serious obstacles caused by the practical application of the discounts to taxpayers, in the absence of complex knowledge of accounting, taxation and industry know-how.

The Tax Advisory professional team of HÍD can provide trustworthy assistance in the utilisation of R&D tax incentives, with the preparation of R&D documentation owing to their knowledge of tax administration.

Management of payment relief proceedings, preparation and conclusion of agreements related to liquidation proceedings

Our office undertakes to assist in the reduction (waiver) of the amount of tax and sanctions in arrears, as well as in the arrangement of instalments and / or payment deferrals.

Custom consultancy for institutions operated by municipalities and the governmen

We offer safe tax planning proposals in the case of complicated tax situations typical of this specific taxpayer group, and where necessary, we obtain the official information of the different levels authorities.

Representation in obtaining binding and non-binding ruling

In order to eliminate or reduce tax risks, that with the help of the Tax Authority and the Ministry of National Economy, we will create the highest level fiscal certainty for our clients in consideration of the unclear legal environment.

Representation in court proceedings and litigation

The lawyer involved in the legal activity of the tax authority cooperating with the HÍD Tax Expert, is involved from the beginning of the tax administration procedure, in the review and dispute management. By doing this, we guarantee that our clients are able to arrive to a potential judicial proceeding considering trial tactical viewpoints, thus creating the basis for success.

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We offer complex legal assistance in matters arising in connection with business crimes with appropriate experience and adequate practice in the other fields of law concerned, giving priority to the aspects of quick and efficient action.
Dr. Erzsébet Pethő
Since 2004 she has been a courthouse clerk, and since 2008 she has been a court registrar. In 2009, she was awarded a judicial appointment to the Pest Central District Court in criminal judgement. Later, at the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences of the Pázmány Péter Catholic University, she obtained an economic criminal law degree. During her sentencing activity, she passed judgement on economic and budget-damaging crimes against assets of prominent value.

Defence activities

The outcome of a criminal procedure is influenced in many aspects by adequate and comprehensive defence tactics. Rapid and adequate responses to procedural acts, motions for the interests of the defendant, have a prominent role throughout the procedure, with special regard to the coercive measures, the questions raised in connection with evidence. Proper enforcement of the above depends on well-prepared legal representation. Our wide-ranging professional experience is primarily used for the benefit of our clients in criminal proceedings against assets, budget-damaging and other crimes that are in breach of the management order.

Victim’s representation

Ensuring the exercising of victim’s rights is becoming more and more important, but certain aspects, such as ensuring the property involved in the offence, the enforceability of the civil law claim and the protection of the plaintiff are of utmost importance.

We undertake the wide representation of victim’s rights, including, if required, substitute private prosecution proceedings.

Legal representation on behalf of a witness

The reassuring completion of the interrogation of witnesses in criminal matters and the full assertion of witness rights in the presence and assistance of an authorised attorney-at-law.

Representation of other concerned parties

In the case of a criminal act with a complex economic background, it may happen that an outsider becomes a party to a criminal proceeding, his right or his or her legitimate financial interest may have a direct effect on the decision taken in criminal proceedings. Proper management of these legal situations can be ensured by a high level of co-ordination of criminal and civil law knowledge, by the close working together of our professionals.

Advisory service

In the case of a transaction involving more large-scale transactions with several legal domains, it may be important to examine the transaction from a criminal law point of view, which may even prevent the initiation of possible proceedings.


The law is not a mystical sphere. We provide professional, effective and accurate help on any issue where an experienced legal representative is required to resolve problems.
Dr. Ágnes Portörő
senior associate
She obtained her law degree from the Faculty of Law at Eötvös Loránd University. She started working at an international law firm during her university years, first as an apprentice then as a trainee lawyer. After obtaining law examinations, she formed her own law firm in 2004, which, since 2015, operates as a corporate law firm. She regularly provides full legal representation for financial bodies, business associations and individuals alike.
Dr. Tamás Záhorszky
He obtained her law degree from the Faculty of Law at Eötvös Loránd University of Sciences in 2000. During his postgraduate studies, he obtained the New York University's International Business Law Degree (LL.M.) and his Master Degree in Business (MBA), enabling him to be able to assist his clients with a unique, legal and business perspective. His experience has been gained at international law firms in Budapest and in several European countries among the regional legal senior management of community institutions and multinational corporations.

General legal advice

Guidelines for the establishment of the company on operational issues, including the preparation and conclusion of contracts, bank and credit transactions, employment-related matters and numerous other areas that control the company’s production, activity, safe operation and daily work.

Legal disputes

Full representation in various administrative, economic, civil and criminal cases in Hungarian and international courts.

Corporate law

Advisory services provided during representation of cases involving Hungarian company formation, company transformation, merger, acquisition and settlement as well as insolvency matters.


Our office undertakes to enforce claims for damages owing to any unlawful damages outside of court proceedings and in litigations.

Labour law

Employers and employees are provided with legal advice in all areas of the labour law.

We will prepare or comment on the necessary employment contracts, and we will also assist you if an employee’s disciplinary or employment termination is put on the agenda.

Family law

All family law cases are treated as individual, personal cases. Compassion, efficiency, attentiveness – based on our many years of experience, we offer the services that we would expect in return in similar situations.


Legal advice, accompanied with specific start-up business consulting, for effective operation.

Real-estate law

When buying and selling, developing or exchanging real estate, we do not only prepare the sales contracts, but we also provide complex real estate development consulting.

Through continuous monitoring of the real estate market, we allow our private investor customers to buy at a “wholesale price”.


Agreements must be drawn-up in writing in all aspects of life. We undertake the preparation of contracts, other documents and offer full representation during contract negotiations.

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