Life situations come in a wide variety, and so do tax problems. Our goal is always the same. In every situation we help find a fair and satisfying solution to a given issue.


Our company’s advisors and partners support the success of your business with their decades of experience at the National Tax and Customs Administration and its predecessor organisations.


Our priority is to serve your needs with the solutions that carry the least amount of risk within the regulatory environment, while striving to provide a premium quality service in every detail of our cooperation.
In 2012, the company was created with the goal to assist its clients in identifying taxation threats, and finding a reassuring solution for them. In accordance with our name, it is important for us to “create a bridge" between the tax authorities and taxpayers, to help entrepreneurs understand the requirements defined in legal and economic regulations and understand the authorities' expectations. In our opinion, the understanding of the expectations and the establishment of a sound functioning operation can be best assisted by professionals, who have gained relevant knowledge through personal experience, adapting to the specific way of thinking. In addition to the above goals, our aim is, that with our involvement our clients can fully enforce their rights relating to taxation, and to maximise their opportunities.

Our customer base has been growing steadily since the foundation of the company in 2012, and this is due to the fact that our concepts have met customer needs. Our successes, the positive feedback from You, further inspire us. We are relentlessly looking for opportunities and tax solutions with which we can offer a more complete service to You and all our clients.

I believe that through our cooperation prudent, balanced and predictable tax relationships can be formed, and as a result You will be able to gain additional momentum. The resulting capacity can be used as a driving force of your business, which is not only an additional competitive advantage, but also an indication of our clients’ success.

Please entrust us with Your confidence, so that we can serve your business with our expertise.

Dr. Verbai Tamás CEO

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Our experts

Dr. Tamás Verbai
Lawyer - economic specialist - tax expert
From 1998 he was the VAT auditor for the East-Budapest Tax County Directorate of APEH (National Tax and Customs Administration of Hungary - NAV), and since 2001 he has been the head of the audit department. In 2006 he participated in transforming the tax authority into a regional organisation; since 2007 he has been deputy director of the control of Budapest and Pest county VAT refund audits and selection activities. As of 2009, he has been supervising operational and contribution audits of the Central Hungarian Region of APEH, the authority's risk management and selection activities, in addition to VAT audits. In 2010 he was a member of the working group responsible for modernising the organisational structure of the tax authority, following which he leads the auditing department of NAV's East-Budapest Tax and Customs Directorate, and is a member of the professional committee for the evaluation of priority concessions. From 2012 he is the CEO of the HÍD Adószakértő és Pénzügyi Tanácsadó Zrt.
Dr. Péter Juhász
lawyer - tax expert
Since 2001 he has been an administrator at APEH (now NAV) at the Department of Procedures, Information and then Legal Affairs. From 2007 he was the Head of the VAT Refund Audit Department, then after gaining two years of experience, he coordinated the priority audits concerning complex, taxpayer related and taxpayer performed activities as the Division Manager of the Special Affairs Audit Department at the Regional Directorate of Central Hungary. From 2010 he managed the VAT Refund Audit Department and then, from 2011 the Audit Department of high tax performance companies at the National Tax and Customs Administration. From 2014 he has been the manager of HÍD Adószakértő és Pénzügyi Tanácsadó Zrt., the specialist executive within the business taxation field.
Miklós Makai
operations manager / certified accountant
He worked from 2008 as an auditor, from December of 2009 as a head of department at the Central Hungarian Tax Directorate of APEH (now known as NAV). Between October 2010 and September 2012 he was a manager, managing a department of the East-Budapest Tax Directorate of the National Tax and Customs Administration, specialising in the field of the VAT refund audits. From 2009 he is the guest lecturer of the Faculty of Public Administration at the National University of Public Service (previously known as the Budapest Corvinus University).
Dr. Péter Kisfaludy-Molnár
He received his law degree with a summa cum laude from the Faculty of Law at ELTE University in 2009. Even prior to this he was an apprentice in the tax legislation group of a prestigious law firm in Budapest since July 2007 and since 2009, after university, he obtained a trainee lawyer position. Between April 2011 and December 2012 he was acting as a lawyer in one of the departments of the VAT Audit Department of the Central Hungarian Tax Directorate of the National Tax and Customs Administration, specialising in the field of the VAT refund audits. In 2013 he joined the team of HÍD Adószakértő és Pénzügyi Tanácsadó Zrt. as a legal counsel to the tax authority Since then, he works in close cooperation with the company as an attorney helping in his professional work, thereby providing clients with the broadest possible coverage of all aspects of taxation, and his representation spanning into all of its branches.
Dr. Renáta Krajcsovics
After obtaining her law degree she worked as an administrative officer at the Clearing and Settlement Department at NAV’s East-Budapest Tax Directorate, then as an auditor and lawyer for the Company Audit Department. In February 2016 she joined the team of HÍD Adószakértő és Pénzügyi Tanácsadó Zrt., where she seeks primarily to utilise her experience in tax law enforcement, paying particular attention to the liquidation and enforcement procedures.
Dr. Zoltán Rapp
Since 1991, he has gained experience in international companies as an industrial buyer, and has conducted financial and managerial work at an educational foundation (IMC). He taught finance at the different universities for seven years (BGF KVIF, MÜTF) and has been teaching finance and transfer pricing for more than ten years at a university in Belgium. From 2007 he worked as an auditor for NAV (previously APEH), from 2009 he performed the tasks of checking the transfer pricing of high tax performance companies, the examination of the market price of the transfer prices and exploring the ownership of companies. From 2011 to 2015, as a lead analyst, he dealt with the review of transfer pricing and the evaluation of APA applications. Its strength is to recognize tax risks inherent in transfer pricing.

Who we are working for?

Our Clients


Corporate social responsibility

Our primary goal is to provide the highest possible standard of service to our clients, nevertheless we must not forget about our responsibility to society, which is why HÍD Tax Expert spends 0.5 per cent of the fees paid to it under contracts concluded with its clients, but at least HUF 1,000 per invoice, as donations for charity purposes.

HÍD Tax Advisory and Financial Consulting Co. Ltd. considers it important to share the successes that it has achieved – giving thanks in this way for those – with such groups of society, which are often vulnerable to deprivation, illness, and countless other worldly afflictions. We believe that if help is offered at the right time, right place and in the right way, the slightest amount is capable of contributing to the realisation of a happier, safer and more liveable world for everyone, which we can proudly leave behind for our children and future generations that will judge our present actions.

We provide support to foundations, charitable organizations that have been created for talented children from difficult social and economic backgrounds. We are trying to help them overcome the various difficulties through Célirányos Kezdeményezés (Targeted Initiative) ( organisation. They operate exclusively in Hungary: equipment is sent in a targeted manner to where they are needed. They don’t donate money, but in a transparent and traceable way, they deliver physical equipment from donor to recipient. They include noble causes and foundations, where they have personally experienced the cleanliness of the operation and the excellence of professional work.