HÍD Tax Advisory and Financial Consulting Co. Ltd.

HÍD Tax Advisory and Financial Consulting Co. Ltd. (HÍD Adószakértő és Pénzügyi Tanácsadó Zrt.) was set up with the firm purpose of assisting your business by identifying points of taxation threats and finding a reassuring solution for them.



In addition to traditional tax advisory services (such as domestic tax planning, advice on direct and indirect taxation, advice on restructuring and reorganisation), we offer special services that efficiently help our customers to avoid obstacles and tax risks that may arise in tax administration proceedings, aligned to the activities of the tax authorities.


In cooperation

We strive to face the challenges arising in the fields of criminal law and business law, which are connected to taxation in many aspects, in cooperation with attorney-at-law dr. Erzsébet Pethő and Portörő and Záhorszky Law Firm (Portörő és Záhorszky Ügyvédi Iroda), in order to be able to respond to our clients’ more complex tax questions requiring a multi-faceted approach by offering efficient and complex solutions.
We offer complex legal assistance in matters arising in connection with business crimes with appropriate experience and adequate practice in the other fields of law concerned, giving priority to the aspects of quick and efficient action.
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Portörő and Záhorszky Law Firm (Portörő és Záhorszky Ügyvédi Iroda)

Legal activities
We believe the law is no mystery. We offer professional, efficient and accurate assistance in all matters calling for the problem-solving skills of an experienced legal representative, taking into account the client’s interests to the maximum extent.
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  • company law
  • family law
  • real estate law
  • disputes
  • damages
  • labour law
  • start-ups
  • contracts


What they say about us


managing director of SPECIAL EFFECTS LTD.

I think a business partnership is considerably more sensitive than a friendship. Trust is more fragile, professional preparation and precision are fundamental requirements, and the mutual expectations and rules set out on paper may set a framework that is sometimes uncomfortable. I can honestly say that, thanks to their professionalism and their client communication, which focuses on people, the business relationship developed with HÍD tax expert team has created an atmosphere of unconditional trust from moment one. Perhaps it is due to this that a great friendship with the management has evolved in the wake of the partnership in business.”


managing director and owner of TMX Mobile Solution Szerviz Kft.

I think a tax expert office may be expected to be well-prepared and up-to-date as regards professional knowledge, but the speed and efficiency with which HÍD Adószakértő is capable of elaborating comprehensive solutions with a proficiency covering even the tiniest of details came as a surprise even for me. Our opinion of them has been positive already at the beginning of our business relationship, and the years that have passed since then have confirmed that this decent and helpful team has lived up to the confidence we placed in them to the maximum extent.”


managing director of TERRA Hungária Építőgép Kft.

Our company Terra Hungária Építőgép Kft. is the Hungarian distributor of JCB construction equipment, and a dominant player in the Hungarian market of construction equipment dealers. We have been working with HÍD Adószakértő for over three years, as we found them to have the uncompromising trade proficiency, flexibility and reliability, which in my opinion form the bases of long-term cooperation. Their experts are well-prepared and well-mannered, and their thinking always focuses on the client, making the time spent with them pleasant as well as useful.”


chief business and finance officer of Bravogroup Office

It is reassuring to feel that we can always count on HÍD tax expert team, whether it comes to answering questions of a taxation nature or complex expert support in tax authority proceedings. During the years of collaboration, their professional skills, to-the-point approach and their problem solving capabilities have helped us find the alternative involving the least of losses in many difficult situations. Their informal and humorous tone makes it easier to discuss dry professional matters, elevating them from the apparently grey mass of tax advisors.”


owner of I-Cell group

It is reassuring to enjoy the support of consultants armed with a convincing experience with the tax authorities, who elaborate taxation alternatives for our transactions by taking into account all the details and long-term impacts as well in each instance; these consultants are in HÍD Adószakértő. Knowing this, we believe they will contribute to the future success of our group with their high-standard professional work, and the service they strive to make comprehensive.”


managing director of Mantra Communication Kft.

Proper information is absolutely necessary in all fields of our operation, and this is particularly true for taxation matters. Híd tax expert team has been guiding us with maximum care and support from the first moment. They support our activities by thoroughly analysing all possible outcomes of the issue to be resolved, be it an everyday problem or a complex issue, with a maximalist approach that covers every possible detail.”


owner of Profigram Kft.

As the head of an engineering office, I set the goal of never waiving the high demands concerning technical matters, which is why we employ and train experts who have professional knowledge specialised in the given field. This is no different in the case of taxation, either, so I am convinced that as long as here is taxation, there will always be a need for a tax expert to enable us to give the maximum with the least possible errors in this field as well. We found this firm support in HÍD Adószakértő in the field of taxation. Their continuous support helps us concentrate our energies to the tasks that are really important for us.”


managing director of Autóflotta Kft.

Relations between members of the Gombos group and HÍD Adószakértő date back to several years. For us, it has always been particularly important that the expert team supporting us in taxation should understand our unique needs and problems, and should elaborate custom solutions for these problems with the shortest response time possible. HÍD Adószakértő turned out to be the partner able to meet these requirements to the maximum extent in the long term. We sincerely hope that our fruitful collaboration will survive for a long time yet, and that HÍD Adószakértő will also be pleased to list us among its clientele.”


chief finance officer of the Fornax group

The Fornax name has a history of over 25 years in the domestic and international IT market, and the Fornax group has been a factor in the IT sector since 1991 that cannot be disregarded, thanks to its bold and innovative development efforts and particularly strong expert base. Its professional activities have been rewarded with a number of Hungarian and international prizes and awards. The constancy of the outstanding standard at which we provide our services to our customers is ensured by the stability and permanent development of our internal processes, in addition to the highly skilled people we work with. In the field of taxation, HÍD Adószakértő Zrt. contributes to this in addition to our internal team. We were pleased to find that, by virtue of their professional skills, cooperation, availability and quick work process, we may feel free to entrust HÍD’s staff with our tax affairs, which they have managed and administered successfully and to our great satisfaction in all instances so far.”


managing director of CSABAcast Könnyűfémöntöde Kft.

We first met HÍD tax expert team in a stress situation, with a high tax exposure, which occurred due to a reason other than the company’s own fault. Having quickly and thoroughly reviewed the details of the complicated tax dispute, the experts elaborated a strategy for us that soon led to the closing of the tax authority’s proceedings with an outcome favourable for us and to the elimination of the tax risk, using a solution and in a style that further enhanced the prestige of our business with the tax authority.”


owner of Havasi Entertainment Zrt.

Ever since I was a child, I have been driven by the desire to be among the best in my profession. I have learned that it takes sacrifices, and perhaps this is why I appreciate opportunities to work with people who are similarly devoted to perfection. I am convinced that the secret of Havasi Entertainment Zrt.’s success is working with Hungary’s best professionals in every field, who help us in constant development. I owe gratitude to HÍD tax expert team for their professional attitude, which contributes to enabling me to realise my dreams all the time.”


managing director and owner of Trans-Sped Kft.

Security, flexibility and outstanding professional expertise. Trans-Sped Kft. has been present in the logistics market for 25 years, offering solutions rooted in these values, which we also consider important in HÍD Adószakértő és Pénzügyi Tanácsadó Zrt.’s services offered to us. It is this thinking, built upon the common values, which will form the basis of successful cooperation between Trans-Sped Kft. and HÍD Adószakértő Zrt. in the future as well.”